Sam Pittman spoke openly about his new contract at Arkansas on Tuesday during a press conference with local reporters.

He shared that he was pleased with how it shook out between his agent, Jimmy Sexton, and Arkansas Athletics Director Hunter Yuracheck, and added that the non-compete clause offers stability.

“I was very very pleased and happy with the contract and the incentives in it,” Pittman said. “If I want to get paid more money, then we need to win football games, if we don’t, then it goes down to 50 percent in the buyout…I was very conscious that I wanted it to be fair for the university as well. … When we signed it, it was a relief and an honor. It was an honor that the school thought enough of me to give me a longer contract.”

Pittman said the non-compete clause came about because he “shot my mouth off on the Scott Van Pelt show,” but he told Arkansas officials that he wanted this to be his last job.

As the season turns to summer and coaches are limited with interactions with players, Pittman said the offensive line being veteran can help show leadership. Pittman said he believes running back Rocket Sanders can be an offensive leader for the Hogs this next season. He also said Dominique Johnson looks really good right now after undergoing offseason surgery. The Razorbacks are still looking for leadership at wide receiver, but there are several potential candidates.

As for one of the newcomers, Pittman said of Isaiah Sategna, “The expectations are high … He’s such a talent. The 2 days that I’ve seen him down there, he doesn’t say much and he works his butt off.”