Sam Pittman knows a quality scoring drive when he sees one, and his quarterback, KJ Jefferson, pulled off a masterpiece to engineer the winning score on Saturday to beat Mississippi State.

Pittman shared his thoughts about the 10-play, 75-yard drive in 2:01 that was capped by Dominique Johnson’s 4-yard run during an appearance on “SEC This Morning” on the SEC Network on Monday.

“Isn’t it amazing his improvement from the first game to right now, and some of that is us,” Pittman said. “We’re learning and finding out more about him. You know I’m not for sure the biggest play in that drive wasn’t a throw away. Out in the flat, just getting rid of the ball and saving some time. I was so proud of our kids because I never got into a panic mode because of the way KJ ran the 2-minute drill. And every time he hit one of our receivers, we were able to get out of bounds. So proud of the receivers and the O-line, but KJ knew where to go with the ball, so we could save our time.”

Pittman added that he’s been calm in those situations, and referenced a similar drive against Ole Miss earlier in the season.