Arkansas and LSU had somewhat of a player swap this offseason, as 2 players from each program transferred to the other school.

Sam Pittman at SEC Media Days opened up about all 4 players.

Arkansas got:
Dwight McGlothern
Landon Jackson

LSU got:
Greg Brooks Jr.
Joe Foucha

Pittman said LSU’s getting “2 fine, fine kids,” who never got in trouble and gave everything for the Razorbacks.

“We’re very, very happy they were on our football team,” Pittman said. “They’ll work hard, they’re good kids. They’re good players and certainly when you go in the same division it’s harder, certainly, but great kids, great parents, and Coach Kelly got 2 fine, fine football players.”

In McGlothern, Pittman said he’s a guy Arkansas believes can play cornerback in a man-to-man scheme.

“More importantly,” Pittman said with a laugh, “he thinks he can play man-to-man cover corner, and he can. He’s long, I like him, a lot.”

About Jackson, Pittman said he came over with an injury, but is healthy, and can “run, run.”

“So we felt like some of our issues were rushing the passer as a defensive end and a man-to-man cover corner situation,” Pittman said. “Not that we don’t have them, but we needed more. We felt like we did well with those 2 guys in the portal.”