Sam Pittman and Arkansas are trying to turn the page on the Texas A&M loss as Alabama comes to Fayetteville this week.

“We’re going to not make a mountain out of a mole hill, we should have played better, we shouldn’t have made those mistakes, but we’ve gotta move on and we’ve got to learn from it and if we can do that, then we’ll be fine,” Pittman said.

As for Alabama, the Crimson Tide have the best defensive player in college football, and the best offensive player in Bryce Young, as Pittman added about Young, “If it’s possible he’s better than he was last year, he is,” Pittman said.

Last year, Arkansas fell to Alabama, 42-35, but Alabama also holds a 14-game winning streak in the series.

“Alabama, they can beat you before you ever run out on the field,” Pittman said. “Programs like that, Georgia, I don’t know other conferences, maybe USC’s that way. Maybe Oklahoma’s that way, per se, in the Big 12 whomever it may be. But I think what happens when you play somebody close and you start having some belief that we’ve got a pretty good team. We can go out, not make mistakes, play well, play hard, get some turnovers, things of that nature and you have a chance to win the game. Certainly that’s where we’re at right now with our football team.”