The Arkansas Razorbacks had a rough 2019 season, punctuated by embarrassing losses to Colorado State and North Texas.

As part of the 2-10 overall record, the Hogs also finished 0-8 in SEC play, setting up for an important 2019 season for second-year head coach Chad Morris.

However, there is some hope. The Hogs have a strong recruiting class coming in, and at least one Sports Illustrated analyst thinks Arkansas can go from 2-10 to a bowl game.

In a story about teams with the best chance to turn things around in 2019, SI analyst Joan Niesen named a few reasons why the Hogs could do just that:

Chad Morris gets his former SMU quarterback, Ben Hicks, for a season as a graduate transfer, and he pulled in the No. 23 recruiting class this winter, up from No. 43 a year ago. Plus, Arkansas’s non-conference schedule will likely give it some padding: it gets San Jose State, which won one game last year, along with a downtrodden Western Kentucky, FCS Portland State and Colorado State.

Even with four probable wins in non-conference play, the Hogs will need to win two SEC games, so we’ll see if Morris’s crew can pull that off.

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