More than a dozen Arkansas football players got some unexpected team bonding time on Tuesday night after practice.

According to, 17 Razorbacks got stuck in an elevator for nearly an hour before they were rescued by maintenance workers and firefighters.

Fayetteville firefighter Irving Macias said everyone involved in the claustrophobic incident was OK, but added that they all probably needed to rehydrate shortly after being stuck in the sweatbox:

“Everybody was OK,” Macias said. “I think they might have had somebody panic in there.

“They were just happy to get the fresh air. It was steamy and hot in there. Those guys were sweating pretty good. They were just relieved to be out.”

To be fair, having 17 football players in an elevator probably wasn’t the best idea. There probably aren’t many elevators that can withstand that kind of weight.

But, on the bright side, those 17 players learned something today and likely won’t make that mistake again.