With just 3:30 left on the clock in the third quarter, the Arkansas Razorbacks offense took the field down seven points.

If you believe in moral victories, you could say the Hogs had achieved one already. Given virtually no shot to win the game by the college football pundits, Arkansas trailed on by a touchdown nearly three quarters into the game – on the road. Moral victories aside, there was a real shot for the Hogs to tie up the game and put a lot of pressure on the defending SEC Champions in front of the Auburn faithful.

That is until the play that really took any momentum away from the Hogs.

Watch below:

Auburn’s defensive front seven had been pushed around and gashed for much of the first half by the Arkansas offensive line and running backs. It’s hard not to be when the offensive line’s average height and weight is nearly 6-foot-6 and 321 pounds. So what does Auburn do in the second half? They blitz. They force pressure on to the Hogs offensive line and tight ends, hoping to create some havoc in the backfield and that’s exactly what they got here.

On this particular play, Arkansas is once again in a big formation – five offensive linemen and two tight ends – something head coach Bret Bielema had said they would do often. Auburn shows blitz on 2nd down and 7. They have four down linemen, but linebacker Kris Frost is rushing off the far edge, while defensive back Robenson Therezie stacks up in the star hybrid position between Jeffery Whitaker and LaDarius Owens on the near edge.

Seven against six. Normally, that’d be in Arkansas favor, but somehow Therezie is able to slip through.

As the ball is snapped, Auburn’s Elijah Daniel, Montravius Adams and Frost are picked up by the center, right guard and right tackle for the Razorbacks. Arkansas’ left guard and tackle double-team defensive tackle Jeffery Whitaker, while AJ Derby slides to his right to pick up Owens off the left edge.

That leaves tight end Hunter Henry to pick up Therezie. After initial contact is made between the two, Therezie just has too much momentum and bowls his way over the 6-foot-5, 250-pound tight end. It’s unclear if perhaps Henry got tangled up with someone else on the line. Since he has about six inches and nearly 40 pounds on Therezie, it’s hard to imagine the defensive back running right over Henry.

Either way, Therezie gets through. You can see Henry making a last ditch effort to stop Therezie from the ground, but to no avail. He eludes the hands of Henry and knocks quarterback Brandon Allen right in the middle of his release, forcing a floating duck right into the hands of safety Jermaine Whitehead who takes it for the pick-six.

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Bielema explained just how crushing of a blow that was to his team in the midst of a close contest.

“It was a big momentum swing,” Bielema said to reporters after the game. “Obviously we knew were going to have to score points with their explosive offense. That’s a huge swing not only in the points, but it really hits you in the stomach. It really takes a lot of energy out of the sidelines.”

The momentum swing was evident throughout the rest of the game. Arkansas never really recovered from the pick-six. The offense failed to do much of anything the rest of the game, only gaining 26 total yards on three drives.

Arkansas put up a fight, but the pick-six and Auburn’s explosive offense proved to be too much for the Bielema-led Hogs Saturday night.