Arkansas shortstop Casey Martin (Lonoke, Arkansas) is destined to be a big league player.

The talented infielder started as a freshman in 2018, and he’s having another strong year in 2019. Martin increased his average to .312 entering Friday night’s game against Kentucky, and impressively, Martin hit his third inside-the-park HR this season — the second in as many games. That’s a career mark for most players, and he’s done all the damage in one season.

Former MLB player Willie Wilson hit 13 career inside-the-park HR, the most of any major league player playing after 1950. Obviously, Martin has a ways to go, but if he keeps playing like this, there’s a shot!

Although Martin isn’t the biggest player on the field, he’s the total package in the infield. Martin is good with the leather and has a strong arm. He’s also a very good hitter, and the video below shows his blazing speed.