An Arkansas player appeared to fake an injury in order to get his teammates on the field during the Razorbacks’ game against No. 21 Auburn on Saturday night.

The Razorbacks were caught with nine men on the field after a long pass play by Auburn in the first quarter, as they didn’t have time to get everyone in place.

An Arkansas defender attempted to stall by falling to the ground, but the officials didn’t blow a whistle, and Auburn was able to run a play. Tigers quarterback Jarrett Stidham ran in a touchdown as a result of the numbers mismatch.

The Arkansas defender who went down on the play got up in anger, apparently mad at the sideline. He certainly didn’t appear to be injured. Most likely, he was upset because two of his teammates weren’t on the field, which put the defense at quite a disadvantage.

Auburn led 10-3 at the time of this post, nearing the end of the first quarter.

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