Lights going everywhere. Music blasting. Confetti falling down. College kids dancing away. Oh, this is not a nightclub but the Arkansas Razorbacks’ locker room after each victory this season.

What they have deemed “Club Dub,” the players enter a whole different atmosphere following wins, a guy in a suit even there checking to see if their names are on the list to be able to enter the premises.

“First thing you see when you walk around the corner is one of our assistants and he is fully dressed in a suit opened up at the top, sunglasses on and he’s got a list,” quarterback Nick Starkel says in the video below. “Your name has to be on the list to get in Club Dub.”

While Starkel adds that coach Chad Morris isn’t perhaps DJ’ing the event, he is still getting into the groove of the club.

“Coach Morris is having one heckuva time,” he said. “He’s dancing, everyone’s having a blast in there. It’s a great environment to go to after a game.”

Starkel and the fellas will likely have another chance to break it down this Saturday as they host San Jose State. We just need to see some footage of Morris’ dance moves this time.