Arkansas coach Bret Bielema was back at the Catfish Hole on Thursday night, hosting his weekly radio show.

In the midst of a three-game win streak, after a wild OT win over Ole Miss the coach had more to be happy about than most weeks — and it showed.

A packed house at the local lounge had plenty of questions for Bielema his miracle victory Saturday.

“No,” the coach said quickly when asked if he ever considered kicking the extra point after the first and final score in overtime. “Brandon Allen was adamant that if he didn’t get face masked he would get in the end zone. … We knew B.A. … I figured if I kicked it after that I’d look like a moron.”

The call was certainly gutsy, but after picking up a first-down on the miracle lateral, Bielema had to continue to trust his players.

The player responsible for the “Henry Heave” or “Hog and ladder” if you will, TE Hunter Henry, got a well deserved shoutout from the coach and even got a sticker on his helmet for special circumstances because the coach, “can do what he want.”

Everybody in the building wanted to know what’s going on with the offense as the Razorbacks have been on an absolute tear recently, scoring 170 points in their past three games.

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“I think the struggles that you saw earlier was because of injuries,” Bielema said when asked about the Razorbacks’ offensive resurgence. “I think Dominque is just scratching the suface of what he can become. J-rod (Jared Cornelius) has continued to come along.”

“It’s fun to be an OC with that type of luxury. … It’s not surprising when you see what we can do. … I like the way Dan has progressed,” the coach said.

New offensive coordinator Dan Enos has had his share of ups and downs this season since coming over from Central Michigan, but it’s starting to look like a better and better hire each week.

Junior WR Dominique Reed has eight catches for 176 and 3 TDs in Arkansas’ past two games. Alex Collins has 386 rushing yards and 3 TDs during the win streak, and Allen looks as comfortable as he ever has with 442 passing yards and 6 TDs in a game-winning effort against Ole Miss.

“I hope we are going to see the best 3, 4 games to end a quarterback’s career in Arkansas,” the coach added in a bold wish for his senior quarterback.

Arkansas takes on LSU in Baton Rogue on Saturday evening in a game that should prove how good this offense really is.