Arkansas had an 18-point lead on Saturday before Colorado State scored 25 straight points to take down the Razorbacks, 34-27.

It was certainly a disappointing loss in the second game of the Chad Morris era.

After the loss, Morris praised Colorado State for battling back into the game.

“We felt the longer we let them hang around and the more momentum they picked up, the more confidence they got,” Morris told the media, “so I give them credit.”

With Arkansas leading, 27-17, in the third quarter, the Razorbacks opted to punt on a fourth-and-inches play at midfield. That led to a 96-yard touchdown drive by Colorado State.

“Yeah, you know, obviously looking back on it, almost wish I would have went with it on fourth down,” Morris told the media. “We were back and forth on the headsets. Because they were creating some momentum, we didn’t want to give them a short field. The way our defense was playing at that time, we wanted to pin them deep.”

The Razorbacks will look to bounce back and improve to 2-1 when they host North Texas next Saturday.

For more of Morris’ comments from after the loss, watch below: