It’s officially Auburn-Georgia hate week. This year there’s a ton on the line: Georgia’s SEC hopes, Georgia’s Playoff hopes, Gus’ next job at Arkansas and so much more. It should be a great game with 2 proud and passionate fan bases.

But who should you root for if you’re a neutral fan? We’re here to help you out. We put together a list of 20 reasons it’s better to be an Auburn fan than a Georgia fan. Don’t worry UGA fans, your list is coming soon.

1. We all remember what happened the last time a highly-ranked Georgia team played at Auburn.

2. There’s not a more beautiful stadium than Jordan-Hare

A lot better than just a pair of hedges.

3. There are more Cookout locations in Auburn than in Athens

The best fast food stop in the world. What more reasons do you need?

4. You’ve won a national championship this decade

You’ll have to go back way more than a decade to find Georgia’s last championship.

5. You didn’t lose to South Carolina

Ask your local Georgia fan how that game went for them?

6. You know what it’s like to watch your team in the Final Four

Does Georgia have a basketball team?

7. You got to experience the glory of Cam Newton

He had to leave his hometown state to find a good football team, apparently.

8. Four words: Prayer at Jordan-Hare

9. You’ve beaten Alabama this decade

Georgia’s had a halftime lead on them though.

10. An Eagle is a wayyyyy cooler live mascot than a bulldog

No offense Uga, but it’s true.

11. You didn’t let Justin Fields leave your program

That one hurts, doesn’t it.

12. You get to watch Derrick Brown every Saturday

Georgia’s not ready for the best defensive line in football.

13. You’ve never been beaten by a backup quarterback in a championship game … twice

The scariest phrase a Dawg fan can hear is “Looks like the 2nd-string quarterback is about to enter the game.”

14. You don’t have to root for the Falcons and Braves

A Georgia fan’s misery isn’t just limited to Saturdays in the fall.

15. Your fans are way cooler than this

16. You’ll never have to bark at anyone

There are much more civilized ways to express your fandom.

17. A Georgia grad could never be CEO of Apple

A Georgia Tech grad, maybe, but definitely not UGA.

18. The city of Auburn isn’t just a few square miles of different bars and Waffle Houses

That would be Athens.

19. You’ve never had an embarrassing blackout game on national tv

No program finds more unique ways of embarrassing itself than Georgia.

20. Not even Gus would call a fake punt here