When Auburn announced a one-year extension for head coach Gus Malzahn on Tuesday, many Tiger fans were perplexed by the move – while many rival SEC fans were overjoyed upon hearing the news.

Auburn fans weren’t the only the ones questioning the news, as Dave Bartoo of CFB Matrix recently gave his thoughts on Malzahn’s extension on The Paul Finebaum Show.

“After three years, (Malzahn’s) coach effect is sitting at minus two games a year, so in the simplest terms, the coaching versus the schedule and talent is pulling down the record on average,” Bartoo said on the air. “This includes his first year, which was really good.”

As Bartoo referenced, Auburn went 12-2 in Malzahn’s first season as the school’s head coach. The Tigers won the league title and nearly upset Florida State in the final BCS National Championship Game, falling by only three points after allowing a last-second touchdown to a Jameis Winston led FSU team.

“Last year he led the SEC, him and Steve Spurrier, were at minus four games in the SEC last year,” Bartoo said. “So he was four games below talent, schedule expectations. Something needs to turn around really quick down there.”

Bartoo reaches his ‘coach effect’ metric by looking at only two factors: determining the talent on the roster and the schedule. Winning a game against an inferior opponent does not effect the rating, while upsetting a better team gives you a plus one and losing to an inferior opponent gives you a minus one.

Essentially Auburn just rewarded Malzahn for being the poorest performing coach returning to the league from a season ago. Makes sense why Tiger fans are so upset and why rival fans appear to be so happy.