Auburn is adding a DJ to its student section this football season.

As if the band and the crowd weren’t enough to make Jordan-Hare Stadium a rocking environment, the Tigers are taking it a step further.

“Auburn Athletics is always striving to introduce new features to each football season in an effort to improve the gameday experience,” a news release stated. “This season Auburn has made improvements in food service, game presentation, parking and traffic, gameday weekend events and in-stadium features.”

Programs are always looking for ways to appeal to students, because a raucous student section improves the game day environment. In a time where many people would rather watch the game at home on a big screen TV, teams sometimes have to be creative in finding ways to get people to the stadium.

In addition to the student section DJ, Auburn is making other efforts to improve the game day experience – including an increase in cup sizes at concessions, improved traffic flow and pregame prize giveaways.