Auburn announced that for the first time ever, the Eagle will fly at Plainsman Park ahead of Saturday’s game against LSU.

Independence, who weighs around 7 pounds and has a roughly 6-foot wingspan, made her debut Auburn pre-game flight during the 2021 football season.

She arrived at Auburn in 2018 from a Florida rehabilitation center where she was admitted as a baby with a wing injury, according to her Auburn bio. Although her wing healed, she imprinted on people during her time in rehab and therefore, is non-releasable. She now serves as one of our ambassadors and helps us educate thousands of people about the importance of raptors.

The first free flight in Jordan-Hare Stadium before a football game was in 2000, and the tradition has been celebrated ever since.

The LSU-Auburn game is set for 8 p.m. local time on Saturday.