Auburn is set to become the first school with its own 24 hour channel on the TuneIn app for smartphones, tablets and other connected devices, the school announced Wednesday.

Auburn Athletics and the Auburn Sports Network will be launching a 24/7, 365-day TuneIn channel, the first of its kind, dedicated to Auburn sports on July 24. The channel is set to feature live game broadcasts, Tiger Talk, press conferences and more.

“Above all, this channel is for the Auburn fans,” Director of Broadcast Operations and Voice of the Auburn Tigers Rod Bramblett said in a press release. “We believe the combination of live events, podcasts and archived content delivered in this manner is unprecedented in college athletics. No matter where you are or when you choose to listen, the Auburn Sports Network channel on TuneIn will be there as a source for fans to get comprehensive coverage of Auburn athletics past and present.

“This will also be a wonderful tool for our vast network of radio stations,” Bramblett said. “Our radio affiliates will be given access to this same programming to assist in their efforts promoting Auburn athletics.”

Since it is the offseason, the channel will launch various Auburn sports memories, including highlights from the 2010 and 2013 football seasons.

The TuneIn is available on iPhones and iPads as well as Android phones and tablets, Windows phones, BlackBerry devices, Kindle tablets, Roku, Xbox One and some smart TVs. More information on the app can be found here.