There’s going to be a lot of orange in the stands of Jordan-Hare Stadium on Sept. 3 when Auburn hosts Clemson.

The two schools already share Tigers as their mascot, and now AU appears to be embracing the fact that both teams wear orange.

Clemson fans have taken it as a sign that their team will feel at home in the season opener.

The image appears to have first been posted by Auburn fan site War Blogle, which posted an Aug. 4 blog with the image of the “pocket schedule”:

You may have noticed that what I call “pocket schedules” have been popping up around Auburn the last week or so. They are the true sign that football is getting real. It’s close.

Well, I picked one up at the Great Clips over the weekend and noticed that a few things have changed with Auburn’s clothing schedule. You see, for people that look for dumb less important things to blogle about, these schedules have been good for content. They usually tell us when the “All Auburn, All Orange” and “True Blue” games will be happening. This year, that has changed.

The portion of the image seen in the above tweet was cropped for Clemson site TigerNet, and that version of image has been circulated on Twitter following a recent post on Reddit.

Fans of Clemson and Auburn rivals are having fun on Twitter with the discovery of the orange out: