The Auburn Tigers are riding high, coming off a season in which they made their first Final Four in school history.

However, an NCAA investigation still looms large. The Tigers have already faced some sanctions, but more could still be coming.

During an appearance on reporter Jon Rothstein’s podcast on Monday, Pearl said he thinks there will be more punishments handed to Auburn, but added that he thinks the worst of it is over (via

“I am anticipating that we are not finished completely.” However, he said: “I do feel like the worst is behind us.

“I know the compliance that we have in this program — I’m actually pretty proud of it. I think a lot of the things that we did are examples of how you should do things when you’re faced with these situations.

“I’m very, very confident of the status of our program moving forward.”

We’ll see if Pearl’s optimism is warranted. There are still some punishments being decided by the NCAA, it seems, and the Tigers may not be out of the woods yet.