Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton is a big guy and one of the bigger quarterbacks in the NFL.

Still, rules are rules, so the former Auburn star, who led the Tigers a national championship, shouldn’t be treated differently just because he can take more punishment than others at his position.

During an appearance on CBS Radio in Houston this week, Auburn coach Gus Malzahn expressed concern over the way Newton is officiated, saying he doesn’t think it’s fair in light of another big hit Newton took in a playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints last weekend (via 247Sports):

“He’s one of the biggest, strongest guys and he takes hits other quarterbacks don’t,” Malzahn said on CBS Radio on Wednesday. “I just want things to be equal.

“I am worried about the hits. I think he’s treated differently than other quarterbacks. I’ve said that before. I checked on him the other day after that hit. I talked to him two days ago. Little worried about him with that but he’s a great player. Hopefully they’ll get the pieces around him to be successful. I’m a big Cam Newton fan.”

If the NFL doesn’t give Newton the same calls it gives other quarterbacks, his bright career may be cut short.

He’ll have an entire offseason to recover from his latest hit, but Malzahn is not a fan of the fact that Newton has to deal with an injury at all.