Before Auburn hired Byran Harsin, UAB head coach Bill Clark was reportedly a candidate for the Tigers head coaching job.

On Wednesday, Christian Chambers of WBRC FOX 6 Birmingham shared a clip from a recent interview with Clark. The Blazers head coach acknowledged that he had talks with AU and even shared what, in his opinion, might have hindered his chances of landing the gig.

“I basically said the interest I would have is to do it right and everybody has their own version of what right is, for me, is complete control of my staff and all those things that go with it,” Clark said. “I think maybe that was a hindrance. Once again, how far did we get down the path I won’t really say because I’m happy at UAB and this is where I’m at.

“For me, I said I would listen. That’s kind of where I’ll leave it. They’ve got a great place and a lot of these people are family to me.”

Clark’s “complete control” comment is sure to get the attention of fans of the Tigers and their rivals as Harsin begins assembling his new coaching staff on The Plains.