Auburn’s defensive line will be one unit to watch this season following the departures of Derrick Brown and Marlon Davidson. Then recently, the Tigers saw Coynis Miller Jr. leave the program.

So what’s Kevin Steele to do as defensive coordinator? Well, he has plenty of options. Steele added that there may be growing pains at defensive tackle, but there won’t be a talent deficiency inside. Miller’s absence leaves the likes of Zykeivous Walker, Jay Hardy, Dre Butler, Marquis Burks and Daquan Newkirk.

It’s a position that’s not for the faint of heart.

“You have 300 pounds on your right ear, and 300 pounds on your left ear and have bad intentions to maul you,” Steele told reporters.

Hardy has already drawn rave reviews from teammates and Steele. The players have said he reminds them of a young Derrick Brown.

“He has that athleticism, that quickness and that natural power,” Steele said. “Derrick, when he was young, whatever Rodney said… he did. Jay is like that too.”

As for the rest of the line, Steele added that DE Colby Wooden is, “a guy who will fight you ’til he drops.”

H/T Josh Vitale and Justin Ferguson.