Auburn trailed Georgia 21-0 at one point in Saturday’s big SEC East-West rivalry game.

The Tigers came roaring back though, cutting the deficit to 21-14 before a late attempt to tie the game came up short.

However, after the game, Auburn DE Marlon Davidson wasn’t happy. He called out the referees for a number of questionable calls that he felt favored Georgia (via

“It felt like they were against us,” Davidson said. “I cannot lie about that. It hurts because I feel like some of the calls should’ve went the other way, for sure. They were getting more calls than we got, but (I) can’t speak on the refs; that’s their decision to make. But, you know, it just hurts when you see games being taken away by refs.

“You have to beat the refs and the team. That’s very hard to do, no matter what team you are.”

It seems most players and teams are unhappy with SEC officials this year. Will something be done this offseason?

There are some questions the league office will need to answer moving forward.