If there’s one common theme in 2019 it’s (at times) horrible officiating.

South Carolina and Tennessee were livid with officials last week, and this week, it appears Auburn is now unhappy.

Following the 23-20 loss to LSU Saturday, Auburn defensive linemen Marlon Davidson and Derrick Brown voiced their frustrations with the lack of calls along the defensive line.

“I do feel like I was held a lot tonight, and it didn’t really get called at all,” Brown said, via The Montgomery Advertiser. “But, you know, at the end of the day the officials do their job and I can’t sit here and fuss and complain about it because they’re the ones who made the call. Me being upset and frustrated, it only takes me out of my game, so I just go with the flow of the game.”

Davidson echoed Brown’s comments.

“If you turn on the tape and you watch it, you’ll see a lot of bad calls by the referees and stuff that should’ve been called,” Davidson said.

Auburn’s defense hit Joe Burrow more Saturday that he’s been hit all year. They got pressure with just four pass rushers, which helped keep the Tigers in the game, and it could be the best defense that LSU will face all season.

Below is just a small sample size of what Brown and Davidson were talking about: