It looks like Gus Malzahn is staying at Auburn.

Rumors were swirling leading up to the SEC Championship Game that Malzahn was reportedly considering the head coaching job at Arkansas. Some had even speculated that he would accept the job with the Razorbacks if Auburn lost the SEC Championship.

Well, the Tigers were unable to knock off Georgia in Atlanta Saturday, but it is also being reported that Malzahn is staying at Auburn. According to Sunday’s report, Malzahn is signing an extension that could raise his salary to $7 million a year.

It will be interesting to see if Malzahn is able to produce an SEC Championship and Playoff appearance over the course of this deal after coming up short this season.

A number of fans took to Twitter to react to the report, and reactions to the story were split. Many fans were happy to see Malzahn stay with the Tigers, but there were others who remain skeptical of the price tag associated with the reported deal.