Kentucky fans aren’t going to like this one.

If you missed the end of the first half from Auburn, the Wildcats appear to have gotten the short end of a controversial call on the field.

Kentucky running back Chris Rodriguez appeared to score on a run up the middle, his upper body and the ball was at least a yard into the end zone but the officials called him down before the goal line. Rodriguez’s knee did not appear to hit the ground at any point before crossing the end zone.

Somehow, the call on the field was reviewed and the call was upheld.

On the next play, Terry Wilson threw a pass that was intercepted by Auburn defensive back Roger McCreay and taken back for a Pick Six. However, there was a targeting call on Auburn during the play and the touchdown for Auburn came back.

The Tigers took a knee to take the game into halftime. Auburn leads 8-7 at the break.

What a wild sequence of events to end the half but Kentucky has to feel like a touchdown was taken away from them right before the break.