The Auburn Tigers had one of the ugliest offensive performances of any team in a 14-6 Week 2 loss at Clemson.

QB Jarrett Stidham was sacked an incredible 11 times and the Tigers managed only 117 total yards of offense in the loss to the defending national champions.

Though there was some question as to who was actually calling the offensive plays — new offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey or head coach Gus Malzahn — Lindsey accepted the blame on Sunday (via

“I did. Yep, sure did,” Lindsey said. “I called every one of them; the good and the bad ones.”

One of the reasons there was doubt about who was making the decisions stemmed from a strange play-action pass call on a critical third-down play in the third quarter. Malzahn and Lindsey had a discussion on the sidelines before abruptly walking away from one another.

However, Malzahn said he agreed with Lindsey’s call — the result simply wasn’t what was intended, as Stidham was sacked:

“Anytime (there’s) a big call, I’m going to have to give the ‘OK,'” Malzahn said. “You know, we felt pretty good about it at the time, but obviously it didn’t work out. We needed to hold it just a little bit longer, but we didn’t hold up in protection.”

There seem to be more questions than answers for the Tigers’ offense right now, but back-to-back games against Mercer and Missouri could end up being just what the doctor ordered for Stidham, Lindsey and Malzahn.