Back in 2016, the iconic Toomer’s Corner oak trees had to be replaced following a fire. Some additional problems ensued, but now the new trees are on their way back to health.

But, will they be ready to get covered in toilet paper after big Auburn wins this fall? That remains to be seen.

According to Auburn officials, the trees are in fair condition. But, Auburn arborist Alex Hedgepath said there are still questions about how strong they’ll be this fall (via

“They’re in fair condition at this point. They’re certainly not fully established to their new environment, but considering how large of trees they are and considering the move that they’ve made, I think they’re doing pretty well,” said Hedgepath. “The root development has been very good so we’re hopeful. Right now we’re just asking the fans to help us protect the trees by not rolling them. The university has been determined whether or not the trees will be strong enough to roll this fall but that decision will most likely be made later this summer.”

Overall, this is good news for Toomer’s Corner, but just to be safe, fans should probably take it easy on the trees this fall.