Back on March 9, Auburn P Casey Mize took the mound for the Tigers and proceeded to toss a no-hitter against an overmatched Northeastern team, striking out 13.

It would have been a perfect game if not for an error that allowed one Northeastern batter to reach base.

Now, Auburn will head to the NC State regional as the No. 2 seed in the four-team bracket when the NCAA Tournament starts this week. In an interesting twist, Mize could once again face off against Northeastern — the No. 3 seed in the regional.

Coach Butch Thompson wouldn’t commit to having Mize pitch against Northeastern again, but he said there’s certainly a chance if it aligns with Auburn’s best interests (via 247Sports):

“What I’m thinking is we’re not trying to be second and to be unconventional as long as there’s a calculated risk, whether it’s Casey Mize, whether it’s a catcher or DH,” Thompson said. “It doesn’t matter. I think that’s a little soul search. We’re not going to play it safe to get less Twitter feedback or email feedback. We’re going to try to win a regional. If that means Casey Mize throwing Game 3 or throwing Game 1 or 2, those are things we have to set down. That might be one of 10 things we need to analyze. I’m more interested in us taking calculated risks because I’m increasingly getting more interested in us finishing a tournament, to be standing on top.”

Auburn will take on Northeastern in the opening game of the regional at 2 p.m. Eastern time on Friday.

The Tigers may end up saving Mize, who is likely to be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft, for the game against the No. 1 seed Wolfpack, but there’s a chance he could pitch against Northeastern once again.