With Auburn jumping out to an early 21-0 lead over Purdue en route to a 63-14 win, it’s safe to say that the Music City Bowl got out of hand early. It appears that Boilermakers players took out their frustrations the wrong way.

“They were playing dirty,” sophomore defensive end Big Kat Bryant told AL.com’s Sam Blum after the game. “At first, they were talking smack at us the whole game. Things got a little heated when the game got out of whack.”

Blum notes that Bryant pointed to chop blocks and trash talk. Marlon Davidson backed up Bryant’s comments.

“When you play football, you try to play the game of football the right way, and I don’t think those guys were playing the right way,” Davidson said.

Apparently Purdue, which entered the game 6-6, felt it could smack team an Auburn squad that went 7-5 in the regular season.

Davidson described the on-field trash talks as, “‘We’re this, we’re that, ya’ll Auburn.'”

It’s hard to imagine Purdue was able to do much talking as Auburn lit up the scoreboard.