Auburn has released a statement about its football program without actually referring to it amid increasing turmoil and pressure around Bryan Harsin’s future.

The statement released on Monday did not refer to Harsin or the football team specifically.

“The Auburn administration is judiciously collecting information from a variety of perspectives, including our student-athletes and moving swiftly to understand any issues in accordance with university policies and procedures,” the statement began. “Decisions regarding the future of Auburn and its Athletics programs, as always, are made in the interest of our great university and in fairness to all concerned. We do not make institutional decisions based on social media posts and media headlines.”

This followed a similar statement from Friday when outgoing President Jay Gogue spoke at a board of trustees meeting.

“There’s been a lot of rumors and a lot of allegations made about our football program,” he said, “and I just want you to know that we’re involved and trying to separate fact from fiction and we’ll keep you posted and make the appropriate decisions at the right time.”

The topic is being discussed after Auburn has seen some 25 people, player and coaches, transfer or otherwise leave the program in recent weeks.