The celebration of the Chicago Cubs’ first World Series victory in 108 years extended to the campus of Auburn University.

One of the trees at the famed Toomer’s Corner was rolled early Thursday morning after Chicago’s 8-7 extra innings victory in Game 7.

It’s worth noting that veteran Cubs catcher David Ross played at Auburn. Ross hit a solo home run in the sixth inning of Game 7 to extend Chicago’s lead to 6-3. The 39-year-old became the oldest player to homer in a winner-takes-all World Series game, which was also the last of his professional career.

Auburn fans have celebrated their own big victories by rolling the trees at Toomer’s Corner with toilet paper since 1971, beginning with the Tigers’ 17-16 victory over Alabama in the “Punt, Bama, Punt” game.

In recent years, the trees’ have been the target of multiple attacks by opposing fans. In 2010, Alabama fan Harvey Updyke poisoned the original Toomer’s Corner oaks and admitted to the incident under the pseudonym “Al from Dadeville” when he called into the Paul Finebaum Show shortly after.

The trees were replaced last year before one was set on fire following Auburn’s game against LSU on Sept. 25. Jochen Wiest was charged with felony criminal mischief, public intoxication and desecration of a venerable object for the incident.

However, Auburn University horticulture professor Gary Keever told Auburn Undercover Wednesday he didn’t expect the oak tree to die and that there was new growth “throughout much of the canopy.”

“The regrowth appears random and probably reflects branches that weren’t exposed to as intense heat as others,” Keever said. “As I stated from my first interviews following the fire, I don’t expect the tree to die. However, there is significant dead wood in the canopy, including most, if not all, shoot tips and one sizable branch is showing no new growth.”