The storied Auburn Bass Fishing Club is off the water until 2022 following a suspension by the school after members of the team had multiple violations of COVID-19 policies.

Keegan Ashbee, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation Competitive Sports, announced in an official memorandum the club has been suspended until December 31, 2021, Wired2Fish reported. The memorandum cites violations of the university’s COVID-19 policy regarding travel and events. These violations allegedly occurred in July 2020, February 2021 and March 2021.

This report also noted that the organization has been instrumental in the early days of college bass fishing, is one of the most storied college fishing programs in the sport’s history and has produced renowned anglers such as Jordan Lee, Matt Lee, Shaye Baker and Shane Powell.

Here is the letter from Ashbee:

“No member of the club can travel, recruit for, compete, or represent the Auburn University Bass Fishing Club in any capacity. This includes wearing Auburn University Bass Fishing Club uniforms or representing the Auburn University Bass Fishing Club on any social media programs, including but not limited to YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram.

The governing bodies of your sport and fellow SEC schools will be notified of this suspension and that the Auburn University Bass Fishing Club is not eligible for competition during this timeframe. Anyone disregarding this notice will be referred to the Auburn University Student Conduct Office on an individual basis. Club members who ignore this suspension could also jeopardize the length of the club’s suspension.”

The decision was also vetted and endorsed by Bobby Woodward, Senior Vice President of Student Affairs, Jennifer Jarvis, Executive Director of Campus Recreation and Nick Ward, Director of the Office of Student Council.