Before the Auburn freshmen defensive back trio of Smoke Monday, Jamien Sherwood and Christian Tutt even arrived on campus, their veteran counterparts made it clear that they would be needed this fall in order for the Tigers’ defense to reach its peak.

That has held true thus far. All three players have been thrust into Auburn’s defensive rotation, with each player making himself known early-on.

Veteran defensive back Jeremiah Dobson commented on the trio’s impact, sayin that the players were informed that they would play quickly once they had arrived on The Plains.

“I mean, that’s what they came here for—to play as true freshmen,” Dinson told’s Tom Green. “We needed them. We told them in fall camp; we told them in the spring, to be honest with you, that we’re going to need them somewhere down the season. I mean, it’s good those guys are making plays. It’s good to see those guys are playing early to get their feet wet, and they’re doing a good job.”

Auburn defensive coordinator Kevin Steele echoed the veteran’s sentiments, saying that all three have been vital to the Tigers’ defensive success through the first five games.

“None of those three guys are starters, actually, but they’re playing early in games, and they’re playing often, simply because they deserve to play and they’re good players,” Steele told Green. “There’s still a learning curve there; each time we come off a drive, there something for Christian, there’s something for Jamien, there’s something for Smoke that we’ve got to go back over and make sure they understand. But, they’re progressing at a high rate. They’re still young, they make mistakes, but they’re good football players.”