Auburn coach Gus Malzahn likely isn’t going anywhere, but there’s a massive thread on Baylor’s 247Sports message board about the topic.

Baylor coach Art Briles was fired last week amid a sexual assault scandal, along with President Ken Starr, who also stepped down as chancellor. Baylor’s athletic director also resigned Monday.

Baylor hired former Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe to replace Briles on short notice, similar to Arkansas hiring John L. Smith in 2012 when Bobby Petrino was fired.

Briles and Malzahn were good friends, sharing offensive ideas between one another, and some Bears fans are talking about the natural fit Malzahn would be in Waco, while others aren’t sold on him.

Baylor’s 247Sports message board is sounding off on the idea, and here are some of the comments:

— Is there any chance Gus Malzahn might be on the shortlist for possible coaches this December? I know he and Briles are buddies and have shared ideas with each other in the past. He has had success running great spread offenses in the SEC, outside of whiffing on their current QB Jeremy Johnson. And he is on the hot seat like crazy this year. Just a thought. I think it makes sense

— Just offer him now and bring him here. It’s not like that would be inappropriate or unethical in the SEC. I’d love to see the SEC outrage. It would be comical.

— I just think it could be a perfect storm with Malzahn because he is a 7-5 season away from being a free agent, anyways

— What has he done at Auburn except win with possibly the best QB in college football history?

This year they were preseason top 5 and almost lost to Jacksonville state as well as fail horribly to get even close to their expectations this past year.

I’m sorry but please don’t bring this guy here and over pay him. I’d rather Fedora.

— You make him the highest paid coach in the nation base salary. Period. Baylor can’t afford to not make the huge splash hire. Either pay extra millions now or we will lose 10’s of millions later when we get left behind in realignment. Make the investment.

— Not sure if Gus is a legitimate option, but he coordinated a national title team and he took another team within one drive of winning a title. And that team had Nick Marshall at QB so they couldn’t really throw it much. He’d be worth strong consideration if he ever showed interest (doubt he wants to leave though)

— Gus Malzahn, the guy is offensive genius in a defensive conference. I don’t think Auburn would be crying over letting him go. He has not had the right QB since he got to Auburn.

— I’ll repost what I included in another thread on Gus…I’m not impressed…

Personally, I’m not convinced Gus is a better answer than any of the coaches we’ve mentioned in recent days…Monty, Babers, Herman, Fedora, Morris, etc. Here’s what we know about Gus: He was a good OC at Tulsa with a QB he inherited. He was a good OC at Auburn with Cam…who COULDN’T be a good OC with Cam. He did well at Arkansas State as HC for one year with someone else’s players. Then, he went to the BCS title game in ’13 with Chizik’s players, including a QB that transferred from Georgia. He won nine games in ’14 with Nick Marshall returning at QB. Now, he has a roster without a decent QB. In other words, he’s coordinated offenses with QBs that he’s inherited, not evaluated, recruited, developed.

If all others say no, I’d take Gus. But, Gus is a risk because he hasn’t proven he can recruit/construct a roster…especially at QB. That bothers me a lot.

— Malzahn was so great Auburn already fired him once, right? Don’t think he’s a fit for this conference, no matter what recruits he might get to tag along.

Be sure and check out all the comments on Baylor’s 247Sports website and the threat titled, “Gus Malzahn.