If you count his final season at Pinson Valley High School, Bo Nix has played for four different offensive coordinators in as many seasons.

That’s a lot for any quarterback, much less one coming into a season facing a ton of pressure to carry an offense after experiencing a disappointing sophomore campaign. Make no mistake, the success of Nix’s college career may be defined this fall on The Plains because if he struggles to grasp the new offensive system, there’s no guarantee Auburn’s new coaches will stick with him for the entire season.

The good news is Bryan Harsin and Mike Bobo have a long track record of getting solid production out of their quarterbacks, most of which had less talent than Nix, so there’s plenty of reason for optimism when it comes to the junior having a bounce-back season this fall.

During his first media availability of the spring, Nix was asked to share his thoughts on playing for Harsin and Bobo. Interestingly, the quarterback noted the lack of on-the-road recruiting his coaches could do probably helped him develop a better relationship with them.

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know those guys and what they bring to the table as far as being coaches,” Nix said. “They’ve coached in many different situations, many different conferences, and so they’ve been around college football and they know exactly what it’s about.

“Coach Harsin, obviously, all his success at Boise and everything he was able to do with that program and then Coach Bobo, with everything he’s been able to do from an offensive standpoint and all the quarterbacks that he’s been able to coach. Just being able to learn from them as I’m gonna really enjoy. I know moving forward, and especially this offseason, as we didn’t have so much recruiting and they didn’t have to go out so much, I could really kind of be around him more often than probably normal.”

While the relationship between the coaches and their quarterback continues to grow, Nix suggested it’s easier to put faith in the new offensive direction on The Plains when you consider all the success his coaches have experienced at their previous stops.

“When you look at Coach Harsin, he’s coached some good quarterbacks and they have done a really good job in his system,” Nix continued. “He has won a bunch of games and I think that speaks to his leadership, and him being a head coach and just how he wins – and I think that’s important.

“And then Coach Bobo, on the other hand, he’s been through, I mean obviously his time at Georgia, had some really good quarterbacks and produced some good offenses and he’s very multiple – both of them, they’re very multiple. So I’m excited to learn different things, maybe try some different things and, at the end of, the day they’ll put me in a great situation, and I’m confident of that.”

One of the new things Nix will have to get adjusted to at Auburn is taking snaps under center. That may seem like a simple thing but it’s the mastery of the little things that will determine how well Nix is prepared to handle the upcoming season in the new offense.

If he can’t get it done playing for these two coaches, that likely says more about him than it does them.