Bo Nix couldn’t be blamed for being upset after being benched in favor of T.J. Finley during Auburn’s game against Georgia State on Saturday.

Forget any notion about bad blood between the 2 quarterbacks, though.

We don’t know who Bryan Harsin will start on Oct. 2 as Auburn travels to Death Valley to face Finley’s former team, LSU. But credit Nix for being a good teammate even as the possibility of losing his starting job on a more permanent basis exists.

In fact, following the game, Nix posted an Instagram congratulating Finley for a job well done.

“TEEEEEEJJJJJJJ!!! Proud of you bro!” Nix said, tagging Finley in the post.

You can view a screenshot of it below:

As for Harsin, he’s not going to tip his hand as to who the starter against LSU will be until he really needs to. But even though 1 of his 2 quarterbacks will come away disappointed, it’s clear the relationship between them remains strong.