Considering the accomplishments of Nick Saban’s program, it’s rare to see a player call out Alabama.

That being said, former UAB lineman and current Auburn lineman Tony Fair had no issue doing that in a recent social media post.

“We comin to take the head off the ELEPHANT,” Fair posted.

Fair wasn’t at SEC Media Days so he couldn’t be asked about his post but his teammate Bo Nix was and Auburn’s starting quarterback not only back up his new teammate, he appreciated the fact Fair isn’t backing down for the challenge of facing the Crimson Tide.

“Actually, I like the quote. I think it’s important because we’re not scared of Alabama. I know that a lot of people want us to be scared, but we’re really not,” Nix said. “And they had a great team last year they beat us last year, head-to-head — they beat us pretty bad. But that game was close at the beginning and it was honestly closer than they had played in there at the end, they just did what they do and they obviously they had a great team.

Nix wasn’t done, either.

“I’m excited, I’m happy he said that because everybody at Auburn should come in with the mindset of beating Alabama, and that’s just important to us, it’s important to me,” he added.