Bo Nix made his regular appearance on The Next Round on Monday to discuss his plans for next season as he continues to heal from a season-ending ankle injury.

Nix was asked if Auburn is his school, and if he’s definitely going to be there in 2022.

“Well, it’s definitely my school,” Nix said Monday on The Next Round radio program in Birmingham, when asked if he plans to return to Auburn in 2022. “I’m graduating in a couple weeks; I’ll have graduated in 3 years, and that was my goal coming in. So Auburn is definitely my school, and I think it will always be my school. But obviously, right now, I’m just trying to get healthy. I’m not sure what next year looks like. I’ve got to get my ankle better first and make sure I can play and get back to my normal self.”

Before the injury, Nix was one of the more durable players around, especially at quarterback as he made 34 straight starts for Auburn.

Nix added that a lot of juniors are in the same boat, especially with the NCAA granting an additional year of eligibility because of the pandemic. Nix said his ultimate goal is to play in the NFL, so whatever decision he makes will be heavily weighted toward helping him reach the pros.

“It’s too big of a decision to make in about a week, or over the phone on an interview,” he said.