In the midst of a coaching search like the one Auburn is currently in after the firing of Bryan Harsin, several likely and unlikely names come up in that. One that has been included is former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops.

But don’t bet on him being on the sidelines for the Tigers any time soon. According to Stoops himself, he isn’t entertaining the idea of a return to coaching college football.

“To say I didn’t miss it would be totally wrong. I missed it terribly, especially the first couple of years, but I knew I would so that didn’t surprise me,” Stoops said on KTCK-FM in Dallas on Tuesday morning.

“I have been asked more than a few times, but no I haven’t been close to coming back. If I thought I was ever going to do that I wouldn’t have left in the first place. I was in a great situation with great people to work with, and it was just my time. When I left, no one believed me. I just wanted my own time and space. Everyone thought there’s a smoking gun or there’s health issues. Here we are six years later and everyone realizes I was telling the truth.”

Who takes the job of the latest SEC school to part ways with its head coach will be something to keep watch on with big names like Coach Prime and Lane Kiffin floating around throughout the rumor mill. This is one to go ahead and eliminate, though.