Brandon Council and Colby Wooden are ready to lead Auburn into Sanford Stadium on Saturday to attempt an upset of No. 2 Georgia.

To do that, the Tigers will need to stem the crowd noise, and quiet the Georgia fans who will make the 3:30 p.m. ET kickoff a lively atmosphere. After all, Auburn hasn’t won in Athens since 2005. Along those lines, Auburn hasn’t rushed for more than 150 yards at Georgia since 2005.

Wooden told reporters that he knows what this game is going to be like: “It’s gonna be an old-fashioned fist fight. Roll up your sleeves.”

Auburn’s offensive line will need a big game, and Brandon Council, Auburn’s center, has a plan mapped out: “If we keep them out of their third-down packages, we can demolish them, I believe.”

Part of the plan, Council said, “Our goal is to go in there like a SWAT team. Get in, quiet the noise, get out.”

H/T Justin Ferguson and Nathan King.