Bruce Pearl is a name being mentioned a lot in connection to the now-open head coaching job at Louisville.

But, would Pearl really leave the Tigers, the team he’s built up into the No. 1 team in the country this season?

On “KeyShawn, JWill and Max” on Thursday, Pearl was asked about Louisville’s interest in him. As you can hear below, he didn’t give a strong answer:

“When you win, folks are worried you’re going to leave,” Pearl said. “When you’re losing, they’re packing your bags. … Auburn is a fabulous place, Jay, and it’s been the best place that I’ve ever been where I can develop players. It’s a small college town and kids come here to grind. They’re around other student-athletes who are trying to grind. And we’re about an hour and a half from Atlanta.”

That wasn’t exactly a “no,” but Pearl does sound happy at Auburn for now.