After Auburn lost at Florida on Saturday, Florida fans were seen chanting “F-B-I!” at Tiger players and throwing money at them.

Some of the Tigers picked the money up off the ground and took it to the locker room, but now that money has been given up, according to coach Bruce Pearl.

During a press conference on Monday, Pearl said the Tigers had turned the small amount of cash over to the compliance office, just to make sure they don’t get penalized for a violation (via

“It was real money, and I think there’s $5 or $6 that are out there, and because you guys know we’re compliant, we’ve actually turned that money over to compliance,” Pearl said. “Really. I don’t know, it was five or six bucks, but our people have the money. I don’t know what they’re going to do with it, probably give it to charity, but we’ve already self-reported.”

Yes, it’s laughable that such a small amount of money had to be kept away from the players, but with the FBI investigation already hitting home at Auburn, the Tigers can’t take any chances.

However, the chants and the money antics may not stop until the season is over.