At many schools, the football coach and the men’s basketball coach often develop a special relationship. That may be because of the similar job descriptions and responsibilities, media spotlight and motivation tactics.

At Auburn, that last point may be a lasting memory for basketball coach Bruce Pearl about now departed football coach Gus Malzahn. Pearl told reporters on Monday, including Jake Weese of The Auburn Plainsman, that he will remember the timely text messages and things that only people in the coaching fraternity can understand.

Pearl recalled that Malzahn’s talk in his first season, before his first SEC Tournament, was a catalyst for the Tigers winning three games in Nashville.

“I think his talk had a lot to do with it,” Pearl said. “And we had some trash-talking events on the golf course that were a lot of fun. But more than anything, to just earn his respect and become a friend.”

Pearl added that the Auburn players loved Malzahn and played for him with great chemistry and culture, and he had an understanding that he would have liked to just win a little bit more.

“Want to wish him the very, very best,” Pearl said.