Auburn’s matchup on Saturday against Georgia went far from favorable for the struggling Tigers as they fell 42-10 in a blowout loss that further put coach Bryan Harsin one the hot seat.

He had some comments after the game expressing some disdain for the way things went south. While the team was already an underdog by a large margin going up a team it was very outmatched against, part of the major issue was the team hurting itself. Auburn had 10 total penalties with 8 in the first half alone.

“Yeah, it’s freaking frustrating,” Harsin said postgame. “It is. It’s frustrating as hell. Right or wrong, you can argue it all you want. But it’s not going to change the outcome right there in that moment. So you’ve got to respond to that. And, you know, we’ve been saying it too: first-and-10, second-and-5 is different than second-and-15. Right? So against really good teams, you start getting behind the chains, it’s the advantage to the defense.”

Auburn now sits at 3-3 overall with just one victory in conference play. Up next on the schedule, it will face No. 9-ranked Ole Miss which expected to be another difficult game for a team that needs to find some answers… and fast.