Bryan Harsin and the Auburn Tigers blew a 17-point first-half lead against the LSU Tigers Saturday night. In fact, LSU scored 21-unanswered points to beat Auburn 21-17.

However, Auburn had a great opportunity early in the fourth quarter to score points, but thanks to a questionable play-call, LSU got the ball back on an interception.

The play call in question came with 12 minutes left in the fourth quarter with Auburn down by 4 and on the 10-yard line. Quarterback Robby Ashford took the snap and handed it to receiver Koy Moore. Moore then looked to pass the ball, but instead of throwing it away because no one was open, he threw it directly to LSU linebacker Harold Perkins.

Well, needless to say, Harsin drew quite the reaction from that play call, as Auburn didn’t score again after 9:38 in the second quarter.