Bryan Harsin faced significant heat after a 6-7 record in his 1st season at Auburn.

The Tigers ended the year on a 5-game losing streak and saw numerous players transfer out after the season, with Harsin being called out for that as well as sub-par recruiting and personality clashes with both players and staff members.

While Harsin was retained for 2022 after an investigation into the football program, the heat hasn’t died down. Auburn is 2-2 after a blowout loss to Penn State at Jordan-Hare Stadium, one of its worst home defeats in some time. It now must beat Missouri on Saturday if it wants to avoid the season taking even more of a turn for the worse.

Now, there’s talk that a loss to Mizzou could cost Harsin his job, according to college football insider Bruce Feldman.

“You have a coach here who really has got nobody supporting him,” Feldman said on FOX’s Big Noon Saturday, noting that Allen Greene, who hired Harsin, is no longer with the university, while citing Harsin’s recruiting struggles and dissatisfaction among boosters. “So right now, he’s never had much of a chance to get any traction there. If they get beat [Saturday] by Missouri, I’m told there’s a really good chance they could pull the plug on him as early as [Sunday].”

Harsin is 8-8 through 16 games as Auburn’s head coach. If he drops to 8-9 on Saturday, it sounds as if it could be the last time he’s on the Tigers sideline.