Bryan Harsin’s future at Auburn remains uncertain, and Tiger team leaders want to share their thoughts with the school’s high-ups.

On Sunday, Auburn starting center Nick Brahms shared an invitation to Auburn’s Board of Trustees and school president Jay Gogue to meet with Tigers player leaders to discuss Harsin.

“I’m inviting you to speak with the player leaders on our team,” Brahms tweeted to Gogue and the trustees. “Your decisions will impact us and this program for years to come. We have valuable insight as we spend every day with (Bryan Harsin) (and) his staff. We love Auburn just like all of you do.”

Brahms tagged Anders Carlson, Owen Pappoe, John Samuel Shenker, Barton Lester, Tank Bigsby and Derick Hall. On Friday, ESPN’s Pete Thamel reported that “Auburn AD Allen Greene met with seven or eight veteran players this evening to address the uncertainty around Bryan Harsin’s future.” Thamel did not name the players in his tweet, so it’s not clear if Greene met with the group tagged by Brahms or other Tiger players.