What does TJ Finley bring to Auburn?

First and foremost, the addition of a quarterback with starting experience in the SEC will only add to the competition on Auburn’s roster.

That’s the way Bryan Harsin views it. However, he did not specifically mention Finley’s name when asked about any recent additions to Auburn’s quarterback room (Until Finley officially enrolls at Auburn, which he is scheduled to do on Monday, May 31, Harsin is not permitted to comment publicly on the quarterback).

During a recent appearance at Auburn’s AMBUSH alumni event, here is what Harsin had to say when asked about the competition within the program’s quarterback room moving forward this offseason.

“Like everybody else, guys compete,” Harsin answered. “The quarterback room is about toughness, it’s about preparation, about decision making, it’s about accuracy. You want to have the ultimate competitors in that room, and really starts with themselves.

“That’s the one thing about that position is one guy that’s on the field, usually right that’s playing that position. So you got to start with yourself, you got to compete with yourself every day, you got to push yourself every day, you got to build yourself every day.”

Taking things a step further, Harsin expressed his belief that competition, regardless of which position, can only help a football team improve.

“And I think just within our team, competition helps that. Competition keeps you focused. Competition gets you up and out of bed in the morning and drives you towards improvement,” Harsin added. “And so, there’s nothing wrong with that.

“I think that’s something that, our players understand, that’s not a bad thing. And every position on our team, I hope that we can provide competition. And I hope that every guy wants to play.”

If Auburn is going to achieve the high standard of expectations within the program, it all has to start with competition.

“That’s something that good teams have, they have competition, they have rooms where guys are pushing each other in that room,” Harsin concluded.

Photo credit: Todd Van Emst/AU Athletics