First-year Auburn coach Bryan Harsin inherits an incumbent starting quarterback in Bo Nix.

Nix has shown flashes of brilliance in 2 years with the Tigers, but has yet to make the leap to live up to his 5-star rating coming out of high school.

How is Nix faring this spring under Harsin and OC Mike Bobo? Harsin weighed in on his QB room, saying the knowledge and fundamentals are there. Now, he said, it’s just about decision-making (via

“We know what we’re supposed to do and how to execute it; the fundamentals are there,” Harsin said. “Now, it’s why would we do this, rather than just coming right out there and doing it. Sometimes, I think quarterbacks, they all want to show you what they know. So, the first time you give them an option, they do it. And it’s probably not even the right time to do it. They just do it. They just do it to show you, ‘I know there’s an option, let me show you I can do it.’ It’s not even the right time. So, you’ve got to make sure that you can do it at the right time and that you can teach it properly.”

Harsin doubled down on the decision-making portion of his comments, saying it’s the most important trait he looks for in a quarterback:

“Always at that position, to me, the quarterback position is about decision-making,” Harsin said. “It’s about decision-making. I think the best players that you see play that position at the next level, in college and in high school, the reason why they’re good players is because they make great decisions. Quarterback is about making decisions.

“You’ve got to be accurate. You’ve got to have the physical traits to go out there and play that position. Bo’s got those things.”

Nix had 12 touchdown passes and 7 interceptions last season. He’ll need to improve that ratio if Auburn is going to have success under Harsin this fall.